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DataOrb solutions provide tools, resources and applications to compose, collect, store, process, analyze, visualize, share, interprete and archive data.

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Improved Data Quality

Our Metadata Classification Model help prevents inaccurate data and duplicate health data.

Predictive Analysis

ML predictive model and AI help predict and forecast possible outbreak and aid in preparing.

Quick Decision Making

Our near real-time and real-time data analysis and premade dash board help faster decision making.

Our Data Lifecycle Process

DataOrb solutions provide tools, resources and applications to compose, collect, store, process, analyze, visualize, share, interprete and archive data for Healthcare Service Providers.


1. Data Composition

Data composition stage involves preparation of metadata packages using tools and apps for data collection.

  • Metadata Packages

    We create on-demand and open source metadata packages for data preparation and collection.

  • Integrations

    We will integrate with existing tools and cloud solutions for metadata packages development.

  • Multiple Format

    You can prepare and import metadata packages in different format including CSV, JSON and others.

  • Tools & Resources

    We sponsor and develop applications and tools for metadata packages design and dataset import.

2. Data Collection

Data collection involves integration of data entry, data capture, data pipeline, USSD, SMS, Voice and IoT solutions.

  • Data Entry Solutions

    Enter paperless aggregate/tracker data offline/online with our open-source web and mobile apps.

  • Data Capture/IoT Solutions

    We provided innovative solutions, barcode scanners, handheld devices, wireless technologies for data capture.

  • Data Pipeline Solutions

    Automate data integration from multiple sources using DataOrb Pipeline connectors with zero maintenance.

  • Mobile Solutions

    Enter Data with USSD, SMS and Voice using
    open-source/on-demand mobile solutions.


3. Data Storage

Store and backup all types of data across the data lifecycle stages using local, VPC and cloud solutions.

  • Data Lake Solutions

    Integrate Local/Cloud data lake centralized repository for structured, semistructured and unstructured data.

  • Data Mart Solutions

    Integrate data mart solutions to improve team efficiency, reduce costs and facilitate smarter tactical business decision-making.

  • Data Warehouse Solutions

    Integrate Local/Cloud high-performance and flexible data warehouse solutions for ad hoc analysis as well custom reporting.

  • Data Backup Solutions

    Integrate Local/Cloud full, incremental, differential or mirror backup solutions to restore data after loss.

4. Data Processing

Transform raw data through scrubbing, cleaning, compression, encryption, wrangling, mining, subsetting, derivation, etc into meaningful output and machine-readable form.

  • Batch Processing

    Local/Cloud solutions for automating and processing multiple aggregate data jobs as a single group.

  • Real-time Processing

    We integrate real-time data processing solutions for computer control systems such as alarm, warning, etc.

  • Online Processing

    We develop and integrate interactive online data processing solutions for booking, ecommerce, financial transaction etc.

  • Tools & Resources

    We develop and integrate web and mobile applications for use in batch, online and real-time data processing.


5. Data Analysis

Get the most value from your data, deliver trusted insights and extend planning and analysis through data-driven decision making.

  • Business Intelligence

    Analyze customer behavior, optimize marketing campaigns, predict demand, identify fraud, etc with descriptive analytics.

  • Big Data Analysis

    Use big data analysis to solve industry challenges in health, banking, education, insurance, retail, government, entertainment, marketing, etc.

  • Integrated Techniques

    We develop tools to integrate statistical analysis, ML algorithms, predictive modeling, AI etc.

  • Data Analysis Tools

    We develop tools to structure your data for compatibility with data analysis tools & platforms.

6. Data Visualization

Use Charts, Graphs, Pivot Tables and Maps visual tools to combine data, visuals, and narratives to tell impactful stories and make data-driven decisions.

  • Pivot Tables

    We provide Pivot Tables for calculating, summarizing, and analyzing data to see comparisons, patterns, trends, etc.

  • Charts & Graphs

    Select from the arrays of charts and graphs such as Line, Pie, Bar, Dots, Scatter Plots, bar graphs, etc.

  • Interactive Maps

    Use DataOrb Interactive maps or integrate your custom maps to showcase your data and engage with your audience.

  • Visual Tools Integration

    DataOrb integrate with leading visualization tools. Bring your tool and we'll connect you to the Orb!


7. Data Sharing

Make data accessible to a defined group of other stakeholders with certain controls and restrictions on use.

  • Public Sharing

    Use our in-built tool to share access to public data including metadata, table, charts, maps to improve public services.

  • Internal Sharing

    Share internal data with users and groups to grant access, deliver improved service and simplify processes.

  • External Sharing

    Share data securely with people outside of your organization. Build a data portal for your partners or customers.

  • Data Sharing Tools

    We develop in-built data sharing system for Data commons, Data collaboratives and Data marketplaces based on owners settings.

8. Data Interpretation

Improve data identification, discover hidden correlations between datasets, find data outliers, and even help forecast trends.

  • Qualitative Interpretation

    Analyze categorical data such as interviews, observations, documentation and questionnaires through a contextual lens.

  • Quantitative Interpretation

    Analyze numerical data such as mean, standard deviation and frequency distribution through a statistical lens.

  • In-Built Interpretation

    DataOrb comes with in-built application for interpretation of Visualization, Chart, Table and Map.

  • Custom Interpretation Tool

    We integrate open-source and on-demand qualitative and quantitative data interpretation tools.


9. Data Archiving

A data archival solution can archive those less used data and save you paying additional storage costs.

  • Compliance Archive

    Archive compliance record or risk management data, such as emails, texts, files, business records, and other content.

  • Analytics Archive

    We offer a structured data analytics archiving solution by significantly reducing your data storage costs.

  • Historical Archive

    Archiving historical data will ensure you get the optimal performance and keep core operations also running smoothly

  • Data Archive Tools

    We develop tools to move data from immediately accessible storage to low-cost, long-term storage repositories.

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